Happy Vietnam Veterans Day 2022 | National Vietnam War Veterans Day

“We hope everyone will join together on March 29, 2022, to honor Vietnam Veterans and their families during this 5th anniversary of National Vietnam War Veterans Day,” said Phil Waite. National Vietnam War Veterans Day or sometimes also called Vietnam Veterans Day is observed consistently every year in the month of March 29 after the Vietnam war. Same as this year Vietnam Veterans Day will be observed on Sunday, March 29, 2022. The purpose of this ceremony is to pay tribute and thanks to the heroes of Vietnam and also pay respect to veterans’ families.

Happy Vietnam Veterans Day 2022

On Vietnam Vet Day 2022 all the Americans support the armed forces and military organizations who served during War. This occasion also gives us the opportunity to remember all such citizens who contributed during wartime. Their offerings for their nation are unforgettable. We have to remember all their efforts and oblation. We can pay tribute and honor to them by celebrating this day with full pride and honor.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2022

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act, marked into law in 2017, assigns March 29 of every year as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Most states observe “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” on March 29 or 30 of every year. Despite the fact that there is some discussion, March 29 is the best and proper date for this event. So mark this date and make a list of the veterans. You can send cards and videos to them to show your affection and care. Or you can also organize a party where children and friends should be invited.

Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act

Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act

what day is the anniversary of the Vietnam war

On that day in 1973, the last battle troops were pulled back from Vietnam and the last detainees of war held in North Vietnam touched base on American soil. It is likewise the date President Nixon decided for the principal Vietnam Veterans Day in 1974.


National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Vietnam veterans day Facts

The war initially began as a common war between North Vietnam and the South Vietnam Government. The North Vietnamese Army was upheld by socialist partners, for example, the Soviet Union and China, and the South Vietnamese Army was bolstered by hostile to – socialist Allies, for example, the US, Australia, and South Korea.

Residents are urged to fly the US banner out of appreciation for the individuals who served in the Vietnam war as an approach to thank the veterans and every one of the individuals who made penances during probably the longest war in US history enduring right around 20 years.

Some may ask why it took 44 years for the soldiers to be praised, however, because of the enormous number of setbacks and local contention a huge piece of the US populace got restricted to the war.

Who does Vietnam War Commemoration Honor?

U.S. Military staff served between November 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975, regardless of the location of service which contains:

  • 9 million Americans Veterans serving during that time
  • 6.4 million Americans living their lives today
  • 2.7 million U.S. Active members who performed duty in Vietnam
  • 58,000 veterans whose names are remembered.
  • 304,000 American veterans who were wounded
  • 1,253 Missing in Action (MIA) soldiers who have not yet come back to American land
  • 2,500 Prisoners of War (POWs)

Vietnam veterans day 2022 images

Enlist down there is some collection of Vietnam Veterans images which you can share on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter WhatsApp, to prove your nationalism. These images can also be printed so that you can distribute the prints among the members of your area. Downloading of attached pictures is free. So do not miss out on the chance of participating in Vietnam Veterans day 2022.

Vietnam War Veterans Day 2022 Ceremony at Washington High SchoolNational Vietnam War Veterans Day

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