How Veterans Day Celebrate In Germany? OR Does Germany Have Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is November 11th each year. However, November 11th is also a truce anniversary in many countries around the world. For the international community, it is still the end of World War I. The other nations that formed the Allies during the war are still called Armistice Day.

Others have changed their names, but not after Veterans Day as in the United States. Instead, these countries call November 11th Memorial Day. Many countries celebrate this holiday. Have you ever wondered if Germany has Veterans Day? And how is Veterans Day celebrated in Germany?

How to Celebrate Veterans Day in Germany?

(German Veterans Day)

Germany is not celebrating the signing of the ceasefire, but the Germans will honor veterans on the Sunday closest to November 16. That day is known as Lamentations Day.

How Veterans Day Celebrate In Germany

History of Volkstrauertag

Volkstrauerag was founded in 1922 and was originally dedicated to the victims of World War I. The Nazis consider it a national holiday and redefine it as an opportunity to honor their heroes and war monuments.

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To symbolize a clear break between fascist ideology and the original Nazi goals of the holiday, the holiday was moved to a second church on the Sunday following World War II. Today is an opportunity not only to mourn the dead but also to explain the tragedy of war and protect the peace.

Things to Do on Veterans Day

The lamentations began with the German president and prime minister giving a speech in front of diplomatic corps members and government officials.

After the speech, the German national anthem was performed. Immediately after that, there is a comrade (I am a battleship). This is a traditional German song about the mourning of the armed forces.

Most states also celebrate their own ceremonies. Veterans hold regular ceremonies, including a procession from their respective churches to the War Memorial, pastoral prayers, speeches by the mayor and president of veterans, guardians of honor from the military, various garlands, and “Ichhatt”.

It will be held. If applicable, you will also be assisted by Federal Army personnel as an official representative.
In rural areas, veterans unanimously marched in honor of their fallen companions after hearing news about the war dead memorial.

Public life

Rue the Day is also known as “Silent Day”. Music and dance events were prohibited by law in some German states. As with every Sunday, offices, banks and schools were closed. Public transport is usually scheduled regularly on Sundays.

Germany is considering introducing Veterans Day

Germany begins its annual American-style Veterans Day to honor the sacrifice of the country’s army. Common holidays in many parts of the world have received different reactions in Germany.

A veterans day is celebrated to honor the veterans who lost their lives during world war I at the hands of allies. It was a very difficult situation for the country and veterans put their lives at stake to defend their nation. Several countries around the world celebrate the anniversary of the contributions and service of soldiers and conscription. Germany is now likely to follow in the footsteps of Defense Minister Thomas de Mezier.

Demezier is considering this proposal in a timely manner given Germany’s growing military presence around the world. Germany’s first foreign military mission since World War II took place in 1991 during World War II.

Since then, approximately 300,000 soldiers have served abroad in campaigns in the Horn of Africa, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Over 100 soldiers were killed.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day in Germany

How to Celebrate Veterans Day in Germany | Germany is considering introducing Veterans Day
Complex search for dates. People of the country should honor their veterans for their sacrifices and services. Veterans are important assets and they should be rewarded and appreciated by the government. By dedicating a day to the veterans makes them contented and satisfied.

There were various reactions to the Defense Minister’s plan. Some opposition politicians criticized them for being dissatisfied with the fact that the military paid homage to Germany’s bloody past of the 20th century. However, they were greeted by the Bundeswehr and members of the ruling Christian Democracy.

However, finding a suitable date for this date is very difficult. Demezier initially proposed to use Rue the Day in November. This is a public memorial day for soldiers and civilians killed during the war, as well as victims of violent crackdowns around the world.
The second proposal is to celebrate Veterans Day on April 2 after three German soldiers were killed in Afghanistan that day in 2010. Hellmut Königshaus, a defense commissioner of the German parliament, supported the day. Demezier is now proposing to celebrate this day on May 22, the anniversary of the founding of the Bundeswehr in 1956.


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Who are the veterans?

The German Veterans Day debate repeatedly asked who really qualifies as a veterans. Are only soldiers who have served abroad, or are all older soldiers who have served for a long time?

Germany hasn’t had a veterans day since the Third Reich, and unlike France and the United States, it commemorates the seven million soldiers who died in the two World Wars. And because the Bundeswehr was not involved in combat operations, there were no “new” veterans from the Cold War.

“Veteran” is a term that has been increasingly used in Germany over the past year, primarily by soldiers returning from Afghanistan. Many witnessed the battle scene and were physically and mentally injured.

The army considers their deployment a war and calls themselves veterans. In August 2010, the Army established a representative association of the Bundeswehr in Berlin. Demezier acknowledged that the definition of a German veteran remains ambiguous. But he said it was important to avoid divisions within the army between soldiers “with or without veterans status.”

Do you now know if Germany has Veterans Day? And how is Veterans Day celebrated in Germany? Germany arrives to celebrate Veterans Day. What do you think? Give your opinion.

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