Thank You letters To Veterans Examples – How to Thank a veteran?

Veterans Day is a consistently celebrated holiday which is one among ten federal holidays recognized by the American Government. On this day we pay tribute to the veteran’s military forces with Words to Thank our Veterans. Veterans give many sacrifices for the country and the people living in it. It is very important to honor their services and sacrifices. There are many ways to do this. In this article, we will discuss different ways to thank our heroes.

Thank You Letters to Veterans Examples 2023

Below there are some Thank You Letters To Veterans Examples or samples for visitor of our websites so that they can write the word thanks to their beloved who serving in the army. These letters are written for you to thank veterans. you can use any of these letters and pay your regards to your veteran member.

Thank You letters To Veterans 2023

Thank You Letters To Veterans 2023

Words to Thank our Veterans

To my husband, my Marine,
I never genuinely comprehended opportunity until we met 10 years prior. You opened my eyes to military life. Our affection was framed over composed letters in training camp; short, interfered, dropped telephone calls from a satellite telephone when you were in Afghanistan, and adapting each other once more after every Homecoming.

Thank You Letters to Veterans Examples 2023

Thank You Letters to Veterans Examples

I’m appreciative of the man you are. The man who gambled everything for a nation of individuals, a significant number of whom won’t ever know your name.

Everlastingly I will be thankful. Everlastingly I will feel honored to know you, to adore you, and to help you.

I Love you, my better half, my Marine.

Amy Lor


Thank You letters To Veterans ExamplesDear Veteran,

Thank you for your service.

Please know that you are appreciated and recognized as someone who helped protect our freedom.

Thanks again from a grateful American!


Dear Veteran,  Thank you for your service. You have given our country your life, time, energy and love. You are an honorable person and thank you doesn’t seem enough to say I appreciate your service. Thank you again and always. God Bless you and your family. You are in my heart and I pray for you each and every day. Please remember YOU ARE LOVED.

HUGS, a Friend.


Dear Colonel (Angus),
Thank you so much for all you did for our country while you were deployed. I know this was a huge sacrifice. Even though we were not together at that time, I greatly appreciate all you have done to serve. I’m so grateful you are here with me now!
Love you to smithereens!

sample thank you letters to veterans

sample thank you letters to veterans


Thank you for your service in the military. You are a courageous hero and very much appreciated. I wish you comfort, happiness, contentment and many moments filled with joy. Best Regards, a thankful U.S.A. Citizen.


Thank you for all you have done to serve our country.  It is very much appreciated. My Dad was in World War II and thinks about those times often.  I hope you have a long, full life ahead of you with much happiness. Thank you again.


Thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice. We are living with peace because of your diligent services. We honor all of your services. Paying regards to you and your family.


I’m not sure who I’m supposed to address this to so I will address it to all the veterans. I just wanted you to know how much my family and I appreciate all the sacrifices and bravery you have given up to protect our country and freedom. Without your bravery and sacrifices, we would not have our safe and sound lives or our great United States of America so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your service and fighting for our country. You do and always will have my respect and will be forever my hero and in my thoughts, my heart, and in my prayers. Again thank you for what you have given up to keep us safe and free.

Sincerely yours
Joy B.
Your forever fan


Thank you for your service! My family comes from a military background  and I truly appreciate all of the sacrifice you and your family have made for our country. Please know that we are grateful. God bless!


Dear Poppy,
Without your service in the army, I wouldn’t be here writing this letter to you right now. Freedom can be taken for granted but it is one of the most important things in the world. Thank you


Dear Veterans,
Thank you for serving before. People do not give you enough credit for fighting and giving your lives so we can have freedom. I know what it is like because my grandfather fought in the war. Thank you for serving.


Thank you for your service. You have been a wonderful asset to our country.


Thank you so much for your service. As a wife and mother of former Marines, I understand and appreciate your patriotism, dedication, and willingness to sacrifice everything for all Americans. God bless you and your family always!!!!


I’m taking the chance to send this note to you to say thank you for dedication to serving in the military.
I think it is very honorable to step up and offer yourself in that way.

I have family members who have served and my company also provides medical equipment to veterans. I know there are many veterans who have ongoing medical needs and it is not easy for some.

I think sometimes it’s just about feeling like someone takes the time to stop and say they care. So that was my goal. I hope this note let’s you know someone is thinking of you.


For my Dad…

You were on continuous deployment nearly your entire 22 year career. I never knew where you went, how long you were going to be gone or why you had to leave. But running down the gate at the airport when you came home…that was the best feeling in the world. You don’t know this…but everyday I thank you. For keeping us safe. For keeping your promise to our beautiful country. And for always, always…coming home.

I love you.

Melissa S.


To all those who have served, there are not enough words of gratitude.
As the mother of two veteran sons, I feel very blessed to have them both safely home.
All of you veterans, and all of you still serving make me so proud to be an American!!
Thank you all, and God bless you and your families.

Mary Ann Frey
Brooklyn, Ohio



Dear Veteran,

I have no idea the journey you have traversed – whether good or bad. My hope is that all that may have been “bad” is now good. And that all the good that God grants through His grace is supplied to you in a myriad of ways – every single day.

Life is sometimes inexplicable & sometimes hard days seem endless while good days fly past us. I pray that your life is filled with overwhelming joy – for what you have sown in service to our Nation, is selfless and eternal – and may you reap in the abundance of hope, love, joy and strength.

“Thank you” almost seems cliche as it could never be enough to esteem the gratitude towards your service. Nonetheless, thank you.

With all my heart,



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  1. Dear veteran,

    I just want to take this time to thank you for serving our country. You have sacrificed so much for this country and we will never forget what you did. The country would not be the same without you service. Every morning I would wake up and look at a picture of my grandpa wish I could see him but I was so grateful for him and you guys with your service. You fought for us and I really appreciate that in fact. Almost my whole family went to the military to serve. My dad served 20 years in the military and I was so happy that he came home safely and I was just so grateful for it. So Thank you for everything you have done for me and everyone else mostly this country.

    Thank you,
    Tessa Henry

    1. thanks for your support

  2. Dear Veteran,

    I am writing this to you because I wanted to let you know how much you mean to our country. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice towards us. Without you, we would not be able to be here. The USA thanks your bravery in many ways. Not many have the courage to risk their lives for the purpose of protecting and fighting for this country. We respect and admire all you veterans and the ones who have died protecting our country.

    Truly yours,
    Grace L.

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