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What is Veterans Day And Why Do We Celebrate it

In order to pay tribute to the Veterans for their services and sacrifices for the protection of the nation, there are many  Americans who celebrate Veterans day 2019.

We will celebrate Veterans Day 2019 with full of honor on 12th November. Anyone can join any Veterans Day parade, ceremonies, and functions going on. If you are a partner in the community, you can take part as a volunteer.

Veterans Day Meaning

Veterans Day is also sometimes known as holiday Armistice Day related to the services and sacrifices of military Army men. The United States of America officially celebrates this day in memory of honorable and hardworking military personnel, who sacrificed their lives for the peace of the country. So, All in all, the Veterans Day means, “the remembrance day of brave, courageous and heroes of the real life”.

Veterans Day Holiday 2019

Veterans Day is the day of a great warrior, who showed their patriotism in actual meaning by serving their homeland and protection of their citizen. In the United States of America, this day is spending as a Veterans Day federal public holiday. American shows their respect with love and thankfulness with full of honor and love to their Veterans.

Happy Veterans Day Pictures

According to Wikipedia, this day was celebrated in remembrance of the services of Veterans in World War-I. the day of November 11, is celebrated as a public holiday since May 13, 1938. In the past, this day was denoted as Armistice day

Veterans Day Observed

Veterans Day is a well known public holiday, which is celebrated by Americans from all over the world. On this special day, all the govt and private offices are closed and all the office activities are also closed even a single email not transfer among offices. This holiday is not only for the office but also for schools, colleges, and universities. All of the workers are on leave on this day. some worker who is not on leave being paid extra salary by the management. Most of the institutions conduct a program with respect to Happy Veterans Day 2019. On this occasion, they present national anthems, songs, and speeches regarding Veterans events and performance on the patriotism.

Is there School On Veterans day 2019

Veterans Day On the government level

On the government level celebration, Govt pays tribute to their honorable heroes in different ways.

  • All of the members of the event remain silent for 2 minutes at the opening of the ceremony.
  • The national military parade is conducted in the honor of Veterans.
  • To Pray for Veterans people go to the church to pay special tribute.
  • They go to the church to pay special tribute to them and pray for them.
  • The flag is also held on this special occasion.


Veterans Day Observed 2019

on this day awake the love and affection for the heroes in the heart of children when parents get them to the ceremonies. Parents tell them stories about the services and sacrifices of their army men. People celebrate this day in a very enthusiasm environment. everyone can share Veterans day images, Quotes, screenshots on the social account like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. you can get all such things from our collection like Happy Veterans day images or Veterans day Cards 2018.

Veterans Day Observed 2019

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day?

In response to this question, we can say that this is the special day celebrated to give special thanks, love and gratitude to military men who devoted their life for the peace and of the nation. This special day was celebrated for the first time in 1947


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