How Veterans Day 2022 Celebrate In Belgium And Around The World

Like many other countries in the world, Belgium celebrates the end of World War I on November 11th each year. It is also a day to remember millions of lives in years of conflict with different European countries. When November 11th is called Veterans Day in the United States, Belgians call it Armistice Day. And here’s how to celebrate Veterans Day in Belgium.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day in Belgium

Germany declared war on Belgium and France in early August 1914. The German invasion led to the heroic defense of the Belgians under King Albert. However, the Belgian army could not stop the German attack. The Belgian army was forced to withdraw and the city of Antwerp was placed under German control.

How Veterans Day Celebrate In Belgium And Around The World

The British and Belgian troops fought many desperate battles to stop the German invasion. However, Belgium was released from the German crackdown until the truce in November 1918. The way to celebrate Veterans Day in Belgium is similar to any other country in the world.

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On Armistice Day, the Belgians stopped the dead and injured at exactly 11:00 on November 11. The battlefields of Brussels and other Belgian cities are home to a variety of majestic religious ceremonies and monuments.


Since the ceasefire was signed, several monuments have been erected in cities throughout Europe to commemorate those who died during the war and led to the construction of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In conflict.

In Belgium, this iconic monument is at the foot of the Congress Column, which celebrates the birth of the Constitution of Belgium, and is crowned with the statue of Leopold I, the first Belgian monarch.

On World War I Anniversary, regular commemorative ceremonies and parades are held in Belgium and Europe, and King Philip of Belgium attends a memorial service for an unknown warrior and offers a wreath in honor of his soldiers. legs. Of the mausoleum.

It is important for Belgians to visit the war monument and remember those who died, but the ceasefire is also an opportunity for family activity, rest, and relaxation. World War I was a terrifying experience for Belgium, but it is just as important to appreciate the peace and prosperity that Belgians are now enjoying.

Below are some of the countries that celebrate veterans day as a special holiday. Many countries participated in world war I so there are many countries that fought and whose veterans and soldiers lost their lives. So, veterans day is not only celebrated in the United States but the other countries of the world as well such as Belgium,  Germany, Canada, England, New Zealand, France, etc. Some countries celebrate this day as a special federal holiday while others fixes a time where everyone is observing the silence for several minutes.

Celebration Of Veterans Day In Other Countries

Veterans Day around the world despite its shared history, Armistice Day has evolved in many ways around the world. Depending on your country, it may be called World War I Anniversary, Anniversary, Veterans Day, Poppy Day, or even not celebrated on November 11.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day Canada


In Canada, Memorial Day is a public and federal statutory holiday, with statutory holidays in all three regions and six of the ten states. The Canadians begin the anniversary celebration with a special mass, playing the “Last Song”, the “Memorial Aether” (verse four), and a two-minute silence at 11:00 pm.

After that, they dedicated a wreath to the local War Memorial. At the National War Memorial, representatives of the Canadian Army attended a special ceremony before the wreath was placed. On this day, people regularly wear red paper poppies.

USA Veterans Day

In the United States, this day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954. There are many religious services to pray, thank, wreaths, and say parades for the fallen people.

The two-minute silence usually begins at 11:00. Government offices, banks, and schools are closed due to holidays. Other companies are taking this opportunity to offer sales opportunities.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day in England

In Britain, the official celebration was moved to the nearest Sunday in November 1939 to prevent production disruptions at war-supporting factories. British people usually wear cotton poppies on their collars at least one month before the anniversary. Throughout the UK, there were about two minutes of silence at 11:00 am.

Australia and New Zealand Veterans Day

Australians and New Zealanders honor soldiers who died during World War I in Gelibolu, Turkey, on Anzac Day. The event is held on April 25th every year. Soldiers and veterans from Australia and New Zealand attend the sunrise celebration. They then hold a parade of veterans and retired military men and women.

France Veterans Day

The French celebrate Armistice Day ending at the local War Memorial with parades in different parts of the country. Among them, the highlight is the parade at the Arc de Triomphe. In France, this day is a day of reflection, and there is a silent prayer at 11:00. Because it is a holiday, stores, offices, and banks are closed and most people wear black or dark clothes.

Norway Veterans Day

Norway began celebrating Veterans Day in 2010. They celebrate Veterans Day on May 8th each year. This day honors World War II veterans, members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces, and those who participated in other international conflicts. This day is also Victory Day in Europe when the Allies officially accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II.


How Veterans Day Celebrate In Germany

How Veterans Day 2022 Celebrate In The United States?

Final Thoughts

The above is how Veterans Day is celebrated in Belgium and several other countries. This holiday isn’t just celebrated in the United States. Many countries that fought in World War I and World War II, and other major conflicts in recent years, have been honored in their own way by their homeland. However, despite the different dates and formats of the celebration, each country thanked the men and women who bravely fought to protect their country.

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